Preface to the Annual Review of Financial Economics

2009 | Miscellaneous | Book Chapter
Lo, Andrew W. and Robert C. Merton. Chap. 1 in Annual Review of Financial Economics, Volume 1,edited by Andrew W. Lo and Robert C. Merton, 1-18. Palo Alto: Annual Reviews.

Hail Robert C. Merton!

March 5 2009 | Miscellaneous | Article
by Paul A. Samuelson. Remarks at Muh Awards

Economist Robert C. Merton to receive Muh Award

March 5 2009 | |


May 2009 | | Article, Interview
Wilmott Magazine. Few are so well placed to delve into the mysteries of the markets as Robert C. Merton, writes Dan Tudball.

Financial Crisis one year later. Robert C. Merton on opportunities arising from the crisis.

Autumn 2009 | | Article
Centerpoint, Volume 18, No. 40. Center Magazine, Tilburg University

The Nobel: “A new bubble? Only in the real estate market”

December 2009 | | Interview
Italian press interview. Trieste, Italy.

Non mi pento, non ho peccato

Venerdi 26 Giugno 2009 | | Interview
Robert Merton, Nobel per i derivati: modello valido, la crisi causata da chi ne ha abusato. di Vittorio Da Rold