Solving Pension Funds management is not about science, but engineering: Interview with Robert C. Merton

February 2 2020 | Interviews

The Extraordinary Career of Nobel Prize Winner Robert C. Merton

June 18 2020 | Biographical, Interviews
Interview that appeared in Prof. Merton's high school alma mater's newspaper.

Robert C. Merton and the Science of Finance

December 2019 | Biographical, Interviews
Starting with his 1970 doctoral dissertation and continuing to today, Robert C. Merton has revolutionized the theory and practice of finance. In 1997, Merton shared a Nobel Prize in Economics “for a new method to determine the value of derivatives.” His contributions to the science of finance, however, go far beyond that. In this article Dr. Zvi Bodie describes Merton's main contributions.

Why a Nobel laureate in economics thinks bitcoin is toast

November 28 2018 | General News, Interviews

Merton: Combine these 2 financial products to fund retirement

October 17 2017 | Interviews
By Rebecca Linke. Published in the MIT Newsroom.

Japanese language Interview in Nikkei Money

June 15 2016 | Interviews