2019 MFM Winter Capstone Meeting (1 of 2)

February 2019 | Interviews
"Retirement and Next Generation Solutions" Interview conducted by Allison Schrager

2019 MFM Winter Capstone Meeting (2 of 2)

February 2019 | Interviews
"Macroeconomics and Financial Markets" Interview conducted by Allison Schrager

Why the old rules for retirement savings don’t work anymore

November 30 2018 | Interviews
Times have changed and so have the rules for retirement. Get practical tips from Robert Merton.

In Pursuit of the Perfect Portfolio

2017 | Interviews
These videos accompany the forthcoming book, “In Pursuit of the Perfect Portfolio” by Stephen Foerster (Ivey Business School at Western University) and Andrew W. Lo (MIT), 2017. Follow "Watch Video" link to see the full version. See below for the short edit.

Robert C. Merton in conversation: innovations for a better retirement

Oct 27 2016 | Interviews
Nobel prize winning Economist Robert C. Merton visited Saïd Business School, University of Oxford for the JOIM-Oxford-EDHEC Retirement Investing Conference. Oxford Saïd’s Dean Peter Tufano caught up with him to discuss what the future might hold for pensions, retirement and young people looking towards a career in finance. Watch Robert C. Merton and Peter Tufano discuss innovations for a better retirement, including the relative risks and merits of reverse mortgages.

Robert Merton

Mar 8 2016 | Interviews
Robert C. Merton PhD ’70 School of Management Distinguished Professor of Finance Nobel laureate in Economics, 1997