Robert C. Merton and the Science of Finance: A Collection

June 18 2020 | Biographical, General News
Robert C. Merton, 1997 Nobel Prize winner in economics, has been at the forefront of research on many topics in financial economics. In this publication, leading researchers explain Merton’s impact on financial theory and practice.

Solving Pension Funds management is not about science, but engineering: Interview with Robert C. Merton

February 2 2020 | Interviews

The Extraordinary Career of Nobel Prize Winner Robert C. Merton

June 18 2020 | Biographical, Interviews
Interview that appeared in Prof. Merton's high school alma mater's newspaper.

MIT’s Golub Center for Finance and Policy names judges for the Miriam Pozen Prize

January 9 2020 | General News
Judges are Mohamed A. El-Erian, Kristin J. Forbes, Deborah J. Lucas, Robert C. Merton, Ronald P. O'Hanley, Henry M. Paulson, Jr., Raghuram R. Rajan, and Robert Zoellick

Robert Merton turns 75, honored with symposium

September 2 2019 | General News

Asian and US schools launch first degree course for central bankers

October 7 2019 | General News
Pioneering master's program aims to tackle challenges of global economy. (Click arrow for related video links)