Disclose the Fair Value of Complex Securities

August 2009 | Risk Management/Stocks | Paper
Kaplan, Robert, Robert C. Merton, and Scott Richard. "Disclose the Fair Value of Complex Securities", August 2009. (op-ed.)

Financial Economics. 2nd ed.

2009 | Financial Engineering | Book
Bodie, Zvi, Robert C. Merton, and David L. Cleeton. Financial Economics. 2nd ed. N.J.: Prentice Hall, 2009. (Translated into Korean, Chinese and Hungarian.)

‘Dream Team’ of SEAS Quants Discusses Financial Engineering

Spring 2009 | Financial Engineering | Paper
Columbia University, Engineering News, Spring 2009, p. 8-9.

Preface to the Annual Review of Financial Economics

2009 | Miscellaneous | Book Chapter
Lo, Andrew W. and Robert C. Merton. Chap. 1 in Annual Review of Financial Economics, Volume 1,edited by Andrew W. Lo and Robert C. Merton, 1-18. Palo Alto: Annual Reviews.

Hail Robert C. Merton!

March 5 2009 | Miscellaneous | Article
by Paul A. Samuelson. Remarks at Muh Awards

Economist Robert C. Merton to receive Muh Award

March 5 2009 | |


May 2009 | | Article, Interview
Wilmott Magazine. Few are so well placed to delve into the mysteries of the markets as Robert C. Merton, writes Dan Tudball.