The financial innovator

August 10 2013 | Financial Innovation, Risk Management/Stocks | Article, Interview
The Business Times, p.10-11. Robert Merton talks to Vikram Khanna about financial innovation, risk and crises.

Harnessing the Building Blocks of Economic Valuation: Exploring the Work of Nobel Laureate Robert C. Merton

2013 | | Article, Interview
The Master Series, Investment Management Consultants Association. Vol. 14, No. 1.

Merton’s message: give up on alpha

December 12 2013 | Retirement Planning | Interview By Amanda White.

Money Marketing: It’s the income, stupid

August 13 2013 | Retirement Planning | Interview
Tailored managed DC can offer optimal strategies both sides of retirement argues Nobel prize-winning academic Professor Robert C Merton. 
John Greenwood hears how we need to change.

Putting Intel Inside Your 401(k)

December 16 2013 | Retirement Planning | Interview

Foreword to Risk Less and Prosper

2012 | Risk Management/Stocks | Book Chapter
by Zvi Bodie and Rachelle Taqqu, Wiley