Reverse Mortgage: A Potential Global Solution for Funding Retirement. Robert C. Merton

Sep 5 2014 | Speeches and Seminars

Robert Merton – How to Plan for a Longer Life – interview – Goldstein on Gelt – April 2014

April 2014 | Interviews
Doug meets Robert C. Merton, winner of the Nobel Prize for Economics in 1997 and professor of finance at the MIT Sloan School of Management. Professor Merton explains how a longer average lifespan has affected retirement planning and what you need to do to plan for your old age today. "Goldstein on Gelt" is a global investment and financial planning radio show designed to educate and entertain its listeners with financial strategies and investment tips. Investment advisor Douglas Goldstein hosts the weekly show and is the director of Profile Investment Services, Ltd.,

Robert Merton – Entrevista

November 28 2013 | Speeches and Seminars
Entrevista con Robert Merton, Premio Nobel economía 1997.

Masters of Finance: Robert C. Merton

Sep 15 2013 | Interviews

Nobel laureate Robert C. Merton lecture on managing macrofinancial risks

Jul 16 2013 | Speeches and Seminars
Nobel laureate in Economic Sciences Robert C. Merton gave a public lecture at NUS Business School in June 2013 on a new approach to analysing and managing macrofinancial risks. The talk was organised by the Centre for Asset Management Research & Investments (CAMRI).

Robert C. Merton on the Master of Finance Program

Nov 14 2012 | Speeches and Seminars
MIT Sloan Professor and Nobel laureate Robert C. Merton shows Master of Finance students how the program will provide them with the tools and understanding to achieve a long and successful career in finance.

Robert Merton: Lessons from Crashing the Financial System

Oct 7 2012 | Speeches and Seminars
Robert Merton speaking at a CFA Institute Conference.