Nobel Prize: Nobel Thinkers: Paul A. Samuelson

2015 | Interviews

Retirement Finance 15.467

May 13, 2015 |

Robert C Merton MIT Nobel Laureate

Oct 16 2015 | Speeches and Seminars
MIT Center for Finance and Policy Annual Conference 2015

MIT Faculty Insights Series #4: Professor Robert C. Merton

Dec 20 2015 | Speeches and Seminars
Nobel Prize winner Professor Robert C. Merton was in Kuala Lumpur on the 4th of December 2016 to deliver a talk on The Role of Financial Innovation and Finance Science in Financial Stability and Economic Growth, as part of an MIT Faculty Insights Series held by Asia School of Business.

Robert C Merton, PhD ’70 says ‘It’s a good investment’

Dec 10 2015 | Miscellaneous
Taking a part in the Lewent Challenge is believing that MIT Sloan is a good investment. Create More Impact Together. Visit:

Foundations of Asset Management – Robert C Merton

Oct 4 2015 | Speeches and Seminars

DB Prize 2015 – Robert C. Merton Plenary Lecture

Sep 26 2015 | Speeches and Seminars
Plenary Lecture "Term Structure of Interest Rates" Robert C. Merton