S. Donald Sussman Award Lecture: Part 3

December 11 2017 | Speeches and Seminars
The last installment of his S. Donald Sussman Award Lectures, Robert C. Merton presented “Principle in the Production of Financial Solutions: A Potpourri of Private- and Public-Sector Applications to Financial Innovation in the Future” at the Samberg Conference Center.

MIT expert says robo-advisors lack an important ability: They can’t create trust

November 5 2017 | Appearances
The encroachment of technology into the financial space may have many in the industry worried about getting displaced, but one group may not have to worry so much, according to a Nobel laureate.

Prof. Robert C. Merton at The Geneva Association’s 43rd Annual General Assembly

June 10 2016 | Speeches and Seminars
Professor Robert C. Merton, Nobel Prize Winning Economist talks about the role of financial innovation in escaping the current low-growth environment at The Geneva Association's 43rd annual General Assembly. Professor Merton is the School of Management Distinguished Professor of Finance at the MIT Sloan School of Management and University Professor Emeritus at Harvard University. He is also the Resident Scientist at Dimensional Holdings Inc. ‘Financial Stability and Innovation’, Geneva Association Meeting, Rome, Italy, June 2016

Innovat:invest 2016 – Keynote: Robert C. Merton

May 27 2016 | Speeches and Seminars
Where ideas meet experts Keynote speaker: Robert C. Merton, Nobel laureate in Economic Sciences 1997 and professor at the MIT

Keynote Speech by Professor Robert C. Merton

Jan 13 2016 | Speeches and Seminars
Keynote Speech by Professor Robert C. Merton in International Capital Markets Conference (ICMC) on “Building Regional Capital Markets: Global Experiences, GMS Aspirations” ON November 30, 2015.

Faculty Session: Robert C. Merton

Feb 1 2016 | Speeches and Seminars
The Crisis in Retirement Planning

Robert C. Merton in conversation: innovations for a better retirement

Oct 27 2016 | Interviews
Nobel prize winning Economist Robert C. Merton visited Saïd Business School, University of Oxford for the JOIM-Oxford-EDHEC Retirement Investing Conference. Oxford Saïd’s Dean Peter Tufano caught up with him to discuss what the future might hold for pensions, retirement and young people looking towards a career in finance. Watch Robert C. Merton and Peter Tufano discuss innovations for a better retirement, including the relative risks and merits of reverse mortgages.