Trust in Lending

June 2018 | | Paper
Richard Thakor & Robert Merton. SSRN eLibrary

Finance Science, Financial Innovation and Long-Term Asset Management

May 19 2017 | Miscellaneous | Presentations
NBER: New Developments in Long-Term Asset Management Second Annual Conference, London, UK

Donald Sussman Fellowship Award Lecture Series

March 16, October 2, December 11 2017 | Miscellaneous, Retirement Planning | Presentations
"Observations on the Role of Finance Science and Financial Innovation in Global Economic Growth and Development"

Customers and Investors: A Framework for Understanding the Evolution of Financial Institutions

October 2017 | Miscellaneous | Paper
with Richard Thakor. Forthcoming in the Journal of Financial Intermediation.

Observations of Financial Innovation, Finance Science and Derivative Markets in Global Economic Growth & Development

October 6 2017 | Financial Innovation | Slide Presentations
Slide presentation at the UMASS Center for International Securities and Derivatives Markets